About the College

About the College

The College of Midwives of Ontario (CMO) was established with the proclamation of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) and the Midwifery Act on December 31, 1993 to govern midwifery. The mandate of the College is to regulate the profession of midwifery in accordance with the RHPA, 1991. The primary responsibility of the College is the protection of the public, specifically the childbearing women and their infants to whom its members provide care.

The College’s main functions are: registering midwives, ensuring the quality of midwifery care, setting standards, and investigating and responding to any issues about midwifery care. The College decides what education is needed in order to work as a midwife in Ontario. It runs a program to ensure midwives maintain their skills, and provides the public with information about midwifery care.

The College has a committee to deal with complaints or concerns regarding the conduct of its members. The College is committed to its responsibility to protect the public and holds its members to high standards.

The College makes sure, in several different ways, that its members provide competent and ethical care. The College sets standards and guidelines for midwives to ensure you are protected, receive quality care, and are informed about your choices. The College also requires midwives to be responsive to individual and community needs.

Our Vision

Every woman in Ontario has access to safe, quality midwifery care.

Our Mission

The CMO promotes a model of care that protects informed choice, choice of birthplace and continuity of care and that is delivered by midwives as primary health care providers.

Our Mandate

The CMO protects the public by regulating the profession of midwifery in accordance with the RHPA and by setting the minimum standard of professional behaviour and clinical practice expected of Midwives in Ontario.