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The affairs of the College are governed by policy established by the Council of the College. To ensure the profession’s accountability and responsiveness, the Council acts as a board of directors, comprised of 49% public membership and 51% professional to ensure the profession’s accountability and responsiveness. The Council of the College is currently composed of eight (8) elected members and five (7) public members.

To review the College’s Governance Policies, click here.

Professional Members

Professional members are Midwives elected by their peers.  Terms of office for elected members are a maximum of three years.  Members cannot serve more  than three consecutive terms (9 years).   All Council members work in partnership to ensure the public interest is protected by establishing appropriate regulations and standards to govern the College membership.

Public Members

Public members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and serve up to three terms of three years.  More information about the appointment process is available through the Public Appointments Secretariat.

Non-Council Committee Members

Non-council committee members are not elected members of Council.  Non-council committee members serve a one-year term and the Council makes appointments at the beginning of each Council year depending on committee needs.