Preventing Sexual Abuse

Preventing Sexual Abuse

Since the inception of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), and the Midwifery Act, in 1994, the CMO has had in place a Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy (SAPP) for midwives. The SAPP establishes the College’s zero tolerance approach to sexual abuse of any kind, and the Guideline for Reporting Sexual Abuse outlines midwives’ obligations to report any suspicion of sexual abuse by a regulated health care provider.

Additionally, A Midwife’s Guideline to Appropriate Professional Behaviour with Clients was developed to clarify the College’s expectations for midwives and their interactions with clients, specific to the prevention of sexual abuse. The College also has a Caring for Related Persons that establishes the expectations and potential consequences of providing care to anyone with whom the midwife has a familial or close friend relationship, as well as explicitly stating that treatment of spouses or any person with whom the midwife has a sexual relationship is considered sexual abuse.

For inquiries related to sexual abuse and mandatory reporting:

Phone: 416.640.2252 ext. 224

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New: The Ontario Legislature has approved Bill 87, The Protecting Patients Act.  Bill 87 includes a number of changes to the RHPA, some of which impact the SAPP. You can read more about Bill 87 here. 

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