Peer and practice assessments are a requirement for all self-regulated health professions in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) O. Reg. 335/12, s. 10 (1).  These assessments are conducted in order to assess whether the members’ knowledge, skill and judgement are satisfactory.

The College’s peer and practice assessments are currently undergoing an extensive review in order to effectively direct and support the College’s resources.  Therefore, the College’s assessment programs (including random selection to complete the  Criteria-Based Assessments) will be temporarily suspended until further notice.

Criteria Based Assessment (CBA)


Selection of members

Each year, the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) will randomly select a minimum of two (2) members and their current practice colleagues from a pool of members meeting any one or more of the following eligibility criteria listed below. The applicable criterion or criteria will be confidential to the member selected (and unless the member consents, the CMO will not inform her practice colleagues what the criterion or criteria are).

The intent of the CBA criteria is to effectively direct College support and resources, while maintaining member anonymity in the selection process. The Quality Assurance Committee has the authority to revise the criteria listed below each year, when it deems that to be appropriate.

Read the CBA Policy here.