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Governance Education Modules

Governance Education Modules

The College of Midwives of Ontario Governance Education Modules (GEM) training program provides an introductory education to governance as it applies to the regulation of midwifery in Ontario.  Completion of the modules and accompanying quizzes is required as an eligibility component for professional members seeking election to the Council or individuals professional or public seeking non-Council member appointment to a College committee.

The GEM program consists of three modules that provide context and understanding to the duties, obligations and expectations of Council and Committee members.  The links to each module can be found below.  Each module is accompanied by a  quiz, which is required for proof of module completion. The modules will work on desktop computers and mobile devices.

The Governance Manual is a document provided as a learning aid to accompany the GEMs.  It provides an overview of Governance, its meaning and purpose as it applies to he regulation of midwifery by the College of Midwives of Ontario.

To access the Governance Manual, click the corresponding link below.

Governance Manual

To access a module, please click on the module you would like to complete. Modules are best viewed by selecting ‘start slideshow’ that will appear in the top bar toward the top of the screen after you have selected your link.

Module 1: Legislation

Module 2: Health Regulatory Colleges

Module 3: Council & Committees

To access a completion quiz, click the corresponding link below.

Module 1 – Completion Quiz

Module 2 – Completion Quiz

Module 3 – Completion Quiz


A sign-in is not required to complete the modules. If upon clicking the link, the module does not automatically appear and or asks for an sign-in, try opening in a new tab or on a private browser setting.