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Closed Public Consultation: General By-law

Note: This public consultation is now closed.

Changes to the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA) made in May 2017 have necessitated changes to our College’s General By-law.  While our public register is in compliance with the RHPA as mandated by Bill 87  our General by-law needs to be amended to reflect the current legislation.   You can click here for more information on the changes that Bill 87 brought to our public register.

In addition to the necessary changes above, Council is proposing some additional changes and edits that are not related to Bill 87, as these further changes are also appropriate at this time.

All of the proposed changes amend Article 14 of the College’s General By-law, entitled “The Register.” The bulk of the changes are proposed in order to:

  • Bring the register into compliance with section 23 of the RHPA
  • Provide additional personal information, such as member’s common names, and information about other regulatory bodies members belong to
  • Remove redundancies that exist in the by-law
  • Change language to gender-neutral terms
  • Include more information about decisions made by College committees
  • Include more information on a member’s status within other regulatory bodies in any jurisdiction
  • Publish on the register any charges or findings of guilt against a member which the Registrar deems relevant to the member’s suitability to practise

You can click here to read detailed information on all of the proposed changes to the College’s General by-law.

The College of Midwives of Ontario is committed to transparency, and to regulating in the public interest.  We believe strongly that all of the proposed changes will benefit families seeking midwifery care by giving them more information when choosing a provider, and a greater understanding of the ways in which midwifery is regulated. Midwives will also benefit from the public’s trust that the College is ensuring excellence in midwifery.

Read more about the ways that the College of Midwives of Ontario is committed to transparency

Our consultation is open until June 3rd, and all members of the public, stakeholders, and midwives are invited to share their thoughts on the changes to Article 14 of the College’s General By-Law here.  Click here to review the College’s posting guidelines in advance of leaving a comment.