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Staff Directory

Kelly Dobbin
Registrar/ CEO
416.640.2252 x226

Stefano Biscotti
Interim Director of Operations
416.640.2252 x225

Gina Dawe
Registration Officer
416.640.2252 x222

Chantel Credo
Registration Coordinator
416.640.2252 x204

Pamela Aedo
Registration Coordinator
416.640.2252 x208

Michele Pieragostini
Director of Professional Conduct
416.640.2252 x232

Ashleagh Coyne
Professional Conduct Coordinator
416.640.2252 x224

Johanna Geraci
Director of Policy and Professional Practice
416.640.2252 x230

Nadja Gale
Director of Strategy and Governance
416.640.2252 x203

Victoria Marshall
Communications and Stakeholder Relations Officer
416.640.2252 x233

Zahra Grant
Governance Officer
416.640.2252 x227