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Addressing or Presenting to Council

Council acts openly and is accountable to members of the public, members of the College and stakeholders. As such, the Council invites individuals to address Council at meetings on issues relevant to its role of regulating the profession in the public interest.

A portion of each regularly scheduled quarterly Council meeting will be designed as a period where the Council will hear from any individual who wishes to address the Council, subject to the conditions set out in GP15 in the Addressing or Presenting to Council policy.

If you wish to address Council at the next meeting, you must submit a completed Addressing or Presenting to Council form to the College by emailing no later than 10 business days prior to the date of the meeting. Requests must include a brief description of the specific matter to be addressed.  Click here to see upcoming Council meeting dates.

Please note that presentations with respect to complaints or reports, disciplinary matters or specific members will not be permitted.

If there are multiple requests to address Council during the same meeting, requests will be granted in the order of receipt of request, if approved by the President. The President will give priority to matters previously identified by the Council to be addressed. You will be notified when your request has been approved or denied.