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When are College of Midwives elections?

Members are able to elect new professional representatives to Council in June of each year. At least ninety days before the date of an election, the Registrar shall notify every Member of the date of the election, and of the nomination procedure including the deadline for returning nominations to the College. The nomination of a candidate for election as a member of the Council shall be in writing and shall be received by the Registrar at least sixty days before the date of the election, according to the College’s General by-law

Who can run?

Any member in good standing can run for election, with some restrictions. The College’s by-law includes all of the eligibility criteria and a detailed description of the process.

Why should I consider running?

The practice of midwifery in Ontario is self-regulating, which means that midwives are involved in determining the rules that govern the profession. As a Council member, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the profession by helping to ensure that the public interest is protected. Your role on council will be to act as the voice of clients and members of the public in Ontario.

For more information on the election process and eligibility requirements, please read the Elections Guide.