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The 2020-2021 election period is now closed.

When does the College of Midwives hold elections?

Each year, usually throughout the month of June, the College holds online elections for professional member vacancies on Council.

The election process is outlined in the College’s General By-Law (s.5). The by-law refers to an ‘election day’, but the College provides members with the opportunity to vote online in June each year. For the College’s administrative procedures, June 30 is referred to as the ‘election day’.

Who can run?

Any member in good standing can run for election, with some restrictions.

We encourage all eligible members to apply, however, to suit our Council composition needs, we are looking for members who are:

  • from rural communities
  • practising in expanded, collaborative and/or community health team models
  • from racialized and/or marginalized communities

The College’s General By-law includes all of the eligibility criteria and a detailed description of the process.

Please note, if elected, attendance is required for all Council meeting dates.

Why should I consider running?

The practice of midwifery in Ontario is self-regulating, which means that midwives are involved in determining the rules that govern the profession. As a Council member, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the profession by helping to ensure that the public interest is protected. Your role on council will be to act as the voice of clients and members of the public in Ontario.

For more information on the election process, eligibility requirements and to access nomination forms, please read the Elections Guide.