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Strategic Framework 2017-2020

The 2017-2020 Strategic Framework is a high-level statement of the College’s vision, mission, outcomes and key priorities over the next three years. It also identifies our guiding principles – the shared values that underpin our work as an organization and our relationships with the public, members and stakeholders.

Our Strategic Framework paves the way forward for the organization. It builds a stronger sense of common purpose and direction and a shared understanding of what we will achieve as an organization in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders.

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Our Vision
Inspiring trust and confidence in midwifery by leading in regulatory excellence.

Our Mission
Regulating midwifery in the public interest.

Outcomes We Are Expected to Achieve
  1. Clients and the public can be confident that midwives possess and maintain knowledge, skills and behaviours relevant to their professional practice, and exercise clinical and professional judgment to provide safe and effective care.
  1. Clients and the public can be confident that midwives practise the profession with honesty and integrity, and regard their responsibility to the client as paramount.
  1. Clients and the public can be confident that midwives maintain boundaries between professional and non-professional relationships.
  1. Clients are safeguarded from sexual abuse from midwives.
  1. Clients can expect midwives to facilitate their choice and autonomy in decision-making.
  1. Clients and the public can be confident that midwives demonstrate accountability by complying with legislative and regulatory requirements.
  1. Clients and the public can expect midwives to practise free of a condition that prevents them from providing safe care.
  1. Clients and the public trust that the College of Midwives of Ontario regulates in the public interest.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Modernization of Legislation & Regulation
  • Implementation of Risk-Based Regulation
  • Public Participation & Engagement

Our Guiding Principles


We make fair, consistent and defensible decisions


We act openly to enhance accountability


We act with respect, fairness and honesty


We allocate resources proportionate to the risk posed to our regulatory outcomes


We translate opportunity into organizational value