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The College’s updated Application for Registration form can be found here  and click here to access the Registration Application Handbook.

Midwives in Ontario are regulated by the College of Midwives of Ontario. In order to practise midwifery and use the title ‘midwife’, a person must be registered with the College.

Applicants can register with the College through three different streams, either as a graduate of Ontario’s Midwifery Education Program, through a combination of international experience and Ontario training through the Orientation and Assessment Pilot Program, or an applicant from another province of Canada. You can read more about initial registration here. Former members of the College who are reapplying for registration can find information specific to their context here.

In the majority of cases, applications will  be  processed  by  College  staff  and  it  will  be  clear  that  the  applicant  meets  all  of  the  registration  requirements.  In those cases, the Registrar will approve  the issuance of a certificate of registration. In a minority of cases, however, the Registrar will have doubts about whether an applicant meets the registration requirements or will believe that terms, conditions or limitations need to be  imposed.  In those cases, the Registrar will refer the application to the Registration Committee for a decision.