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Applicants from other Canadian Jurisdictions

Labour Mobility in Canada

The Agreement on Internal Trade (“AIT”) was signed by the government of Canada and the provincial and territorial governments in 1994. It is a written agreement intended to make it easier for people, investments and services to move across Canada. Chapter 7 of the AIT, the Labour Mobility Chapter, says that a qualified worker in one province must be granted access to similar employment opportunities in another Canadian jurisdiction. Changes to the AIT were approved in January 2009, to take effect as of August 1, 2009. Those changes require all Canadian jurisdictions to accept workers in regulated professions from other Canadian jurisdictions without additional material training requirements. There are some exceptions to that general rule, discussed below, but essentially if a midwife in good standing from a province where midwifery is regulated is applying to become a midwife in Ontario, the AIT provides that the midwife must be accepted in Ontario.

Does the AIT Apply to You?

If you are a midwife who is currently registered to practise midwifery in another Canadian jurisdiction your application to register in Ontario will be considered under the rules of the mobility agreement as follows:

  1. Where the registration categories are similar, no new requirements will be expected with the exception of a review of previous discipline history and other administrative matters (e.g. fees, form, liability insurance).
  2. Where the categories of registration are not similar, the College’s existing registration requirements apply.