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Applying for Registration

This information covers how to apply for registration as a graduate of the Midwifery Education Program (MEP) or the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program (IMPP).

1. Submission of Application

The College’s updated Application for Registration form can be found here  and the Registration Application Handbook can be found here

The completed application form is submitted to the College along with the following:

2. Review of Application

Applications are reviewed in order to determine completeness and that the applicant meets all of the registration requirements for a General certificate outlined in the Registration Regulation. Once an application has been reviewed, the applicant will be contacted and informed of any missing information or documentation. This usually takes seven days.

2. a) Supervision Plan

When an application is received, the College will review the application for clinical number deficiencies and any gaps in clinical experience. If any deficiencies are found, the College may refer the application to a Panel of the Registration Committee who may prepare an individualized supervision plan. In the plan, a supervising midwife will be designated. Both the applicant and all members of the practice she will be working with during her supervision must sign this supervision plan.

3. Approval of complete application by the Registrar

If an application is not complete, the College will advise the applicant by email. Once all items are received, the Registrar will either approve the application, or refer the applicant to the Registration Committee. The Registrar will only refer applications for registration that do not meet the requirements set out in the Registration Regulation. You can read about Registration Committee Panels here. 

4. Verification of liability insurance status

Once the application is complete, the College will verify that the applicant has arranged liability insurance and that it will be effective as of the anticipated date of registration.

5. Registration

Upon receipt of insurance and payment of fees, the College will issue the registration number and process the registration documents. Once the applicant has received confirmation from the College of registration, the new member may now begin providing midwifery services. The College will inform the new member of their registration, and the effective date of registration by email. New members will receive their wallet card and electronic certificate of registration immediately via the member portal. Once the member completes their new registrant conditions, they are sent a hard copy General certificate which may take a few weeks to arrive by mail.

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