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Former Members Returning to Practise

This section applies to applicants who are former members of the College and are not currently registered to practise midwifery in another Canadian regulated jurisdiction.

The Registration Regulation requires that all applicants to the College must:

1.Have a degree from a Midwifery Education Program in Ontario or have completed the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program.

2.  Meet the current clinical experience requirements set out in the Registration Regulation.

3.  Complete the qualifying examination

If you are applying to the College as a former member, and you meet the following criteria, you are exempted from the above qualifications but will be referred to the Registration Committee for approval of a requalification program.

  • You resigned your General certificate of registration less than five years ago
  • You held a General certificate of registration for at least one year
  • Over a one-year period, you provided midwifery care to at least 20 women, 10 of whom you attended as primary midwife with at least five births occurring in a hospital and at least five in a residence, remote clinic or remote birth centre; and
  • You have successfully completed a requalification program that has been approved by the Registration Committee.

All applicants, whether or not they meet the above criteria, must also meet a number of requirements. Please see former member application process for more details.

If you do not meet the criteria set out in the Registration Regulation and are applying for registration with the College, the Registrar will refer your application to the Registration Committee who will strike a panel to review your application. You can read about Registration Committee Panels here.