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Three Steps of the Orientation and Assessment Pilot Program

This page is designed to provide an overview of the Orientation and Assessment Pilot Program for internationally educated midwives who are interested in practising in Ontario.

If you are looking for more information on the program and the purpose of the pilot program, please read here.

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STEP 1: Meet Eligibility Requirements and Apply to Enroll in the Orientation and Assessment Program

To be eligible for admission into the orientation and assessment program, demonstration of the following criteria is required.

Requirement #1: Eligibility to work in CanadaRequirement #2: Proof of Credential AssessmentRequirement #3: Proof of Language ProficiencyRequirement #4: Proof of Birth AttendanceRequirement #5: Proof of Work as a Midwife Outside Canada
Provide evidence issued by the government of Canada of one of the following: 
– Canadian Citizenship  

– Permanent Resident Status
– Refugee (Protected Person with ability to work in Canada) Status
Provide evidence of completion of a formal structured midwifery education program in the form of a World Education Services (WES) Program Assessment Report or an equivalent education assessment report. Provide an Academic International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam Report with scores of 7 or greater in each section (or equivalent test as accepted for immigration purposes), or the French equivalent Test D’evaluation De Francais (TEF) Report. Provide evidence of having attended 100 births  You must have acted in the role of most responsible professional managing the delivery at all these births.  
A maximum of 60 of these births can have taken place during your midwifery education.  
A minimum of 40 of these births must have taken place during your experience as a practising midwife after the completion of your midwifery education.  
Provide evidence of having worked as a midwife outside of Canada providing clinical care in the previous six years from the time of application.  

If you have questions about the above information, please see our Question-and-Answer section here.

Application Process

Click here to download the application form for the College’s Assessment and Orientation Process. There is a non-refundable Application Fee of $400.

When you have completed the application, please submit the following documents to the College on our secure drop box here.

  • The completed application form
  • A copy of your permanent resident card, or proof of Canadian citizenship or Protected Person status
  • A program assessment report from World Education Services
  • A copy of your Academic IELTS exam report with scores of 7 or above in all sections
  • Payment of $400

All documents must be submitted in one package, partial packages will not be accepted. Please keep original documents for your records as the College will not be returning any submitted documents.

STEP 2: Online Assessment Modules and Continuing Education

Online Assessment Modules

After submitting your application, and being accepted into the Orientation and Assessment Program, you must successfully complete all Orientation and Assessment modules required by the College.

There are three foundational modules to be completed sequentially:

  • Prenatal,
  • Intrapartum, and
  • Postpartum Midwifery Care, including primary care of the newborn until six to eight weeks.

Each module contains information about practising midwifery in the Canadian context, with overviews of expected Canadian competencies and an introduction to key components of the Canadian health care system. The modules are not educational courses.

You can work at your own pace, provided you complete each module in three months. All three modules must be completed in nine months. The modules are all completed on your own time and completely online.

The College will be able to assess your experience based on your completion of the modules. At the end of each module there will be a two-hour multiple-choice exam that you will complete online. You must score at least 70% on each of the three completion exams to proceed to Step 3, the in-person assessment.

The online assessment modules will cost $2250, payable in three $750 installments before each module begins. IEMs may choose to withdraw from a module and will receive a partial refund if the request is made within two weeks of starting the module.

If you have questions about the online orientation and assessment modules, please see our Question-and-Answer section here.

External Online Courses

After you have successfully completed the three foundational modules, you must successfully complete the following externally provided online courses. These courses enable participants to prepare for demonstration of the Canadian Competencies for Midwives required for entry to practice, including ability to meet the non-exemptible requirements of continuing competence in neonatal resuscitation and emergency skills:

These external courses must be completed after you have passed the College’s three online modules. The online exam for the NRP, MESP and Fetal Heart Monitoring courses must be completed within 25-30 days of the first day of the in-person intensive (Step 3). If you have completed these courses previously, you must re-take them to ensure the exam is completed in the 25–30-day window.  

Each external course may have a cost which must be paid directly to the provider.

If you have questions about the external courses, please see our Question-and-Answer section here.

STEP 3: In-Person Consolidation and Assessment Intensive

Following the online modules and external courses, you must successfully complete the 14-day in-person intensive course. The intensive includes clinical skills practice, written exam review, and comprehensive assessment. For the pilot program, the College will offer the in-person intensive prior to the Canadian Midwifery Registration Exam (CMRE) in the fall.

The content of the intensive will include both universal testing for all participants and individualized remedial opportunities. We will share more detailed information on the activities that will be part of the intensive course shortly.

You must successfully complete all included components and pass all assessments to complete the College’s Orientation and Assessment Process and move on to write the CMRE.

IEMs may have individualized opportunities during the intensive to give extra attention to areas of challenge.

If you are unable to pass the intensive requirements after the first attempt, you will be permitted a second attempt, which must take place within one calendar year after the first intensive.

The 14-day in-person Consolidation and Assessment Intensive costs $3150, which is payable before the course begins.

If you have questions about the intensive course, please see our Question-and-Answer section here.