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Registration Information and Forms

Application for Registration Forms

The College’s updated Application for Registration form can be found here  and click here to access the Registration Application Handbook.

Registration Verification Form

Registration Verification Form

Why would I need a Registration Verification Form?

A Registration Verification form is to be filled out by a regulatory body inside or outside of Canada, for the College of Midwives of Ontario to verify the registration and registration status of a midwife, or any other regulated professional. This form is to be used in the event that the issuing regulatory body does not issue their own Letter of Standing. The form outlines all the key information that is required from the regulatory body.

This form is required by the College for the purposes of and in support of a registration application to practise as a midwife in Ontario. 

Transitional Certificate Information – Transitional Certificate Applicants Only

Transitional Certificate of Registration Requirements and Information

Transitional Certificate – Undertaking Form

Transitional Certificate – Agreement to Act as Supervising Midwife

Supplemental Supervised Certificate Information –Supervised Certificate Applicants Only

Agreement to Act as Supervisor Form

Criteria for Approval of Supervisors

Supervised Practice Conflict Of Interest Declaration Form