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Assessor Recruitment

March 8, 2018

Update on April 17, 2018: Thank you to everyone who has sent their application to the College.  Members are still able to apply for the assessor positions, but as we have received a large volume of applications, members applying after today’s date may not be considered for the initial round of hiring and training. All applications received will be kept on file for future opportunities.

The College is recruiting midwives to work as assessors who will conduct peer and practice assessments.

Assessors are registered midwives with the knowledge and expertise to evaluate whether a practicing midwife is meeting an acceptable standard of care and working within the legislation and regulations that govern their profession. Assessors also apply their knowledge to provide peer support to members during the assessment process.

We are planning to hire a pool of assessors that reflect the profession, and so midwives from rural areas, urban areas, large practices, small practices, and midwives who are French speaking are all encouraged to apply.

What is involved

Assessments include pre-assessment preparation, a review of the midwife’s practice, and a written report.

The time commitment will depend on the type of assessment, but most will be completed in less than one day. Some assessments will require travel to midwifery practices and other assessments will be conducted remotely, using computer technology.

All assessors must be willing to make a commitment to a schedule of initial and ongoing training. Selected assessors must also be willing to pilot the new assessment tools.

Assessors are independent contractors and not employees.


In order to work as an assessor, an applicant must have the following qualifications:

  • Be committed to self-regulation and uphold the College’s public protection mandate
  • Have knowledge of and practise in accordance with evidence-based medicine
  • Have knowledge of and adhere to regulations, legislation, policies, and standards that govern the profession
  • Demonstrate commitment to the Quality Assurance Program (QAP)
  • Be able to organize their workload and conduct assessments independently
  • Be able to objectively review and assess verbal and written information
  • Possess strong communication skills, in order to share information in an objective way
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills for creating a positive learning environment
  • Possess computer skills necessary for performing assessments at a distance and writing reports


In order to work as an assessor, an applicant must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  • Be a member in good standing with the College
  • Be registered in the General or Inactive Class
  • Not currently be an elected member of Council or non-Council committee member
  • Not have been a board member or employee of the provincial or national midwifery association in the preceding 12 months

All interested candidates must submit a resume or curriculum vitae.

Select candidates will be interviewed, and successful applicants will then be offered a contract with the College. Interviews will be conducted at a distance.


Please submit an electronic copy of your resume or curriculum vitae to

For more information please contact Zahra Grant at



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