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Blood Borne Virus Standard {ON CALL Spring 2022}

June 14, 2022

The following update is from the Spring 2022 edition of the ON CALL Newsletter.

Blood Borne Virus Standard

On June 1, 2022, the revised Blood Borne Virus standard came into effect. The standard is designed to protect the public from a preventable infection with a blood-borne virus that may be transmitted from a midwife during care.

The revised standard requires testing every three years for Hepatitis C and HIV, and every year for Hepatitis B if no evidence of immunity exists. The revised standard also requires midwives who perform exposure-prone procedures (e.g., perineal repair) to declare that they are complying with the standard.

This declaration will be included with the annual renewal. You can review the revised standard here.

Read the full Spring 2022 issue of ON CALL right here.

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