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Changes to the College’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Process (ADR)

October 3, 2022

The College first implemented its Alternative Dispute Resolution Process (ADR) program in 2019, and this year staff conducted a review of the program to determine its efficacy and where improvements could be made. At Council, the Inquiries, Complaints, and Reports Committee (ICRC) proposed changes to the way the College administers the ADR program. 

Council approved the changes at its September 28, 2022 meeting. The changes include expanding criteria to allow more complaints to be eligible for ADR when the practice or conduct concerns do not pose a serious risk of harm to clients and it is in the public interest to do so.

Effective October 1, 2022, the ADR Eligibility Policy was rescinded and replaced with the newly approved ADR Policy. The ADR Facilitator Policy was also revised, and its name was changed to the ADR Mediator Policy, effective October 1, 2022.

The College has also updated the Guide to Filing a Complaint to include information on ADR and removed the Guide to ADR as it is covered in the Guide to Filing a Complaint and the ADR Policy. The updated policies can be found on our website in the policies section here, and the new guide can be found on our website in the guides section here.

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