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Changes to the College’s Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy

July 13, 2018

Bill 87, the Protecting Patients Act, 2017 was passed in May 2017 and finished coming into force in May 2018. With the passing of Bill 87, the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA) and its Health Professions Procedural Code were amended.

We listed major changes affecting midwives on our website here and have provided membership updates as different parts of the Bill came into effect.

The College’s Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy was amended this year to reflect some of the changes in Bill 87. Bill 87 changed the way that the RHPA defines a patient or health care client, expanding the definition to “include an individual who was a member’s patient within the last year or within such longer period of time as may be prescribed from the date on which they ceased to be a patient, and an individual who is determined to be a patient in accordance with the criteria set out in regulations.”  Bill 87 also identifies an exception that allows for regulated health professionals to provide emergency care to their partners.

In our Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy, we provide a midwifery context for the legislated definition of patient, and outline when a midwife-client relationship is considered to begin and end. We also share more information on the exception allowing midwives to provide emergency care to their partners. Midwives should familiarize themselves with the College’s Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy here.

The College has zero-tolerance for sexual abuse and has the responsibility to investigate all complaints. If you are a midwifery client and your midwife has touched you inappropriately, said something to make you feel uncomfortable, or engaged in any form of sexual relations with you, please contact the College at 416-640-2252 x. 224.


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