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College adopts a new transparency initiative

March 3, 2016

College adopts a new transparency initiative, increasing the information available on our public register.

The College is committed to providing easily to understand information about midwives that will help clients make informed choices and enhance our accountability to the public. A survey commissioned by the Advisory Group on Regulatory Excellence (AGRE) in 2014 showed that the public wanted to know three things about their health practitioner: criminal convictions, practitioner’s registration/license history and status, and complaints that resulted in formal disciplinary and/or educational action.  Council used the Transparency Principles adopted by the College in November 2015, as the foundation and tool for decision-making ensuring a balance of transparency and fairness. The College held a public consultation On March 3, 2016, after careful consideration of member and stakeholder feedback, Council approved the proposed by-law amendments.

You can read our consultation on these changes here.