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COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions for Midwives

The COVID-19 pandemic is temporarily changing the way midwifery care is provided. The College understands that midwives have questions related to their professional obligations in light of the pandemic and the directives that have been issued by the Province, the Chief Medical Officer of Health and their local communities and hospitals.  We will work to provide you with appropriate guidance to help you navigate these changes.

These frequently asked questions will be updated when the College has new information to share.

What care can I provide during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I am currently Inactive but would like to transfer to the General class to help my practice

I am a retired midwife, but I’d like to help out during this pandemic, what are my options?

What if I can’t meet a standard of practice during the pandemic?

Communicating information to clients about the pandemic

Can midwives perform and order the test for COVID-19?

Do I need to report my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inventory on a daily basis?