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COVID-19: *UPDATED* Inactive Midwives Who Wish to Return to Practise

March 23, 2020

In an effort to enhance midwifery resources in Ontario, the College is revising its class change processes to expedite registration for midwives who are currently not practising but wish to return to the General class. We recognize that there might be challenges to meeting all registration requirements at this time (e.g. there is currently no access to emergency skills workshops), and the College is working on changes to the registration process to allow access to the profession in a timely manner while ensuring that College members re-entering the profession are suitable to practise. We feel confident that the implemented changes will be in the public interest.

The College is currently reviewing its approach to the following requirements:

  1. Satisfactory evidence of competency in neonatal resuscitation
  2. Satisfactory evidence of competency in cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  3. Satisfactory evidence of competency in emergency skills
  4. Completion of jurisprudence course

If you wish to return to the General Class, you should proceed with an application even if you are concerned that you might not meet these requirements. The College may require you to sign an undertaking or take other steps to address competency issues.

The College is waiving the class change application fee. You can apply for a certificate of registration in the General class by completing the application for certificate of registration class change from Inactive to General and submitting it to the College’s secure dropbox. A college staff member will be in touch with you regarding the status of your application within 2 business days.

The College will provide more information about the class change process as it becomes available.

Practising midwives

The College is aware that there is currently reduced or no access to NRP, CPR and emergency skills workshops across the province that will affect midwives’ ability to successfully renew their College membership for 2020/2021. The College is closely monitoring the situation and will provide more information in the coming week.

All information from the College relating to the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here.