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FAQ-Active Practice Requirement (APR)

APR Due Dates

How do I determine if I’m due to meet my active practice requirements this year?

A member’s individual due date will be visible in the APR section of the Member Portal.  Every member of the College is required to submit active practice reports annually to the College by October 1, however, only those members with a due date in 2020 are required to meet the active practice requirements this year.

Birth Records

Must I use BORN to retrieve my birth numbers from the College?

A member is not required to use a report from BORN and can use their own records to submit active practice birth numbers to the College.

Correcting Errors

How can I correct an error in one of my APR reports on file with the College?

If you need to make a correction to one of your APR reports on file with the College, simply send an email to and request that the report in question be deleted from your profile.  Once the report is deleted, you may re-enter the correct birth numbers.

If you only need a small change made to your APR record on file with the College, please send an email to registration@cmo.on.on with the changes clearly explained.

Inactive Registrants

I hold an Inactive certificate; do I still need to submit an APR report?

Inactive certificate holders are required to submit an APR report too.  If there are no births to report, please enter “0”, zeros.

Reporting Period

What is the reporting period for active practice reports?

Members are required to submit APR reports by October 1, 2020 for the proceeding period of July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

Supervised Practice Registrants

I hold a Supervised Practice certificate, but don’t see my APR due date, what do I need to do?

Supervised Practice certificate holders will only see an APR due date once they are granted a General certificate of registration.  Supervised Practice members are still required to report birth numbers to the College by October 1.