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Fees & Remuneration By-law Public Consultation

June 26, 2019

The College of Midwives of Ontario (College) is pleased to announce that Council has approved a $50 reduction in the proposed membership fee increase for the General class. This adjustment comes after meeting with Council to present and discuss feedback from our Fees & Remuneration By-law public consultation and having more success than anticipated with reduced spending in 2018-2019.

The Inactive class of registration will not be affected by these changes, and will increase at 2%, per the existing by-law.

The 2019-2020 membership fees are effective October 1, 2019, and are as follows:

General, Supervised Practice, Transitional: $2,500
Inactive: $1,097

Increasing membership fees is a difficult decision for Council and the College to make. However, in order for the College to fulfill its mandate of public protection and meet the cost of regulation, this increase in membership fees was necessary.

Going forward, the College will continue to evaluate its spending year over year to ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible while still delivering on its mandate. The College will address other recommendations from the consultation feedback in future years.

The College thanks all members for their feedback during the Fees & Remuneration By-law consultation. You can read the College’s response to your feedback in the June 26, 2019, Council meeting materials here.


Kelly Dobbin
Registrar & CEO
College of Midwives of Ontario