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June Council Highlights

October 19, 2022

Note: This article was originally published in our Summer/Autumn 2022 edition of our On Call newsletter and has not been updated.

Financial Statements

The College had its annual financial audit which was executed virtually in May and continued into June. The Executive Committee met with the auditors by videoconference to ask questions and to provide oversight during the audit process and again to review the draft Financial Statements with the auditors. They were approved by Council in June. A summary copy of our audited financial statements can be found in this year’s Annual Report. 

Council Code of Conduct Updates

Council approved changes to the Governance Principles Policy, Council Role Description Policy, and Council and Committee Member’s Role and Code of Conduct Policy. The policies now emphasize Council’s role in ensuring decisions are equitable, protecting the public from discriminatory practices. All Council decisions are made in the public interest while considering the diverse communities that midwifery is practiced in. 

Orientation and Assessment Program

Council approved the College’s new Orientation and Assessment Program Pilot, designed to establish equivalency in qualifications between internationally educated midwives and midwives who have received a degree in health sciences (midwifery) from an Ontario university. You can read more about the work the College is doing on the Orientation and Assessment Program on page 9. 

June Council Training

Last June, our Council training focused on Discipline and Fitness to Practise Committee Training and a Chairing Panel. Council was joined by Luisa Ritacca from Stockwood Barristers who led the Council through a review of the terms of reference for these committees as well as the rules of procedure for conducting Discipline and Fitness to Practise hearings. 

The second session was moderated by College staff member Zahra Grant who led a conversation with our existing Chairs to discuss their experiences in the role as well as provide tips and insights to Council members who may be interested in the position.  

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