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March and December Council Highlights

May 11, 2021

Note: This article first appeared in the Spring 2021 edition of our On Call newsletter. Click here to read the full issue.

Our Council meetings are open to members and the public. If any of these highlights from the December and March meetings interest you, you can click to read more in the meeting materials.

Financial Updates

At the March 2021 meeting, Council approved the budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year.   As previously projected in the College’s long term financial planning the 2021-22 budget projects a deficit.  This deficit will be offset by the College’s existing unrestricted net assets. The College projects several more years of deficit budgets ahead, but can also project, through the use of its unrestricted net assets, its financial sustainability.

The approved budget enables the College to continue to deliver on its mandate. You can review the full budget in the Council meeting materials. 

Council also approved  the Internally Restricted and Unrestricted Net Asset Policy to ensure financial health for the College.  The Policy  demonstrates accountability to members whose fees we collect annually while demonstrating accountability to the public that we will always maintain adequate resources to fulfill the duties of a regulator.  It is a privilege to be in a position to restrict net assets and it has taken years of planning and fiscal restraint to get us here.

Registration Regulation

Work to review and revise the Registration Regulation has been underway since 2019 and is ongoing. The Registration Committee will continue its work in 2021 (including conducting a comprehensive survey with midwives and stakeholders) with the aim of bringing the final draft of the regulation to Council for review and approval for consultation late in 2021.

Registrar’s Review

The College’s Registrar-CEO is accountable for performance in three main areas:

  • Achievement of Council’s strategic objectives as set out in the College’s Strategic Plan
  • Compliance with the Registrar-CEO Expectations as set out in approved Governance Polices
  • Fulfillment of the duties and responsibilities of the Registrar in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, other relevant legislation, and the by-laws of the College of Midwives of Ontario.

Each year, Council reviews the performance of the Registar-CEO to ensure that they are meeting set expectations.

At the March 2021 meeting, Council adopted new criteria for reviewing the performance of the Registrar-CEO that better reflects their role in the organization.  The new criteria is as follows:

  • Strategic Leadership and Direction Setting
  • Development and Achievement of Goals
  • Reputation and Relationship Management
  • Financial Accountability and Management
  • People and Organizational Leadership
  • Council Governance and Engagement
  • Overall Performance. 

The new criteria will be in place for 2021-22. 

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