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Continuing Competencies

The College has developed the following information to assist applicants and members in determining what courses to take to meet the College’s continuing competency requirements for initial and ongoing registration.

Section 7 of the Registration Regulation, O. Reg. 168/11 under the Midwifery Act, 1991 outlines the requirements that applicants must meet to be issued a General or Supervised Practice certificate of registration. These requirements include proof of current training in neonatal resuscitation (NRP) completed within the previous 12 months, emergency skills (ES) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training completed within the previous 24 months. Applicants are required to submit certificates demonstrating successful completion of training in NRP, ES and CPR with their application form and any training certificates must be valid on the date of registration.

Section 12 of the Registration Regulation requires midwives to maintain current training in NRP, ES and CPR. To do this, the Regulation requires that every General class member provides proof of continuing competence, as satisfactory to the College, every year in NRP and every two years in ES and CPR.

To facilitate this process, all members registered in the General class must provide the College with proof of successful completion of training in the above-mentioned areas by the registration renewal deadline of October 1 each year. Alternatively, members who have instructor status/certification for NRP, ES and/or CPR may meet the continuing competency requirements by submitting proof of having completed instructor training and/or implemented full course instruction by October 1 each year. Members are able to upload certificates of completion and course information via the online Member Portal.

If a member is moving from the Inactive to General class of registration, the member must ensure proof of current training is uploaded to the member portal to enable the class change. If re-training is required because a member’s certificate has expired, based on the College’s requirements, the member is expected to complete one of the approved courses listed below.

If a member wishes to complete a course not listed below but which they believe meets the course approval criteria, a member can submit to have the course approved by demonstrating that it meets the criteria outlined here. The College will review the application and determine if the course may be approved. The College advises against completing the course until it has been approved. If a member intends to use the course to meet a class change or renewal requirement, the member should submit the course information and supporting documentation with sufficient time prior to the date the requirement must be met, for the College to review the submission and to make a determination. At a minimum 12 weeks prior to a class change or June 30, if the course is intended to be used for renewal.

Please note, members will need to meet any newly approved course requirements when they are next due to complete training. For example, any courses taken by an applicant or member after October 1, 2018 must comply with the courses listed below.

College Requirements

All continuing competency courses in NRP, ES and CPR must include a theoretical and practical component. Courses which are conducted solely online are not accepted.

Neonatal Resuscitation

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Emergency Skills

Applying for Course Approval

You can read the College’s statement on Continuing Competency Requirements and Approved Courses here. Please fill out and submit the Request Form for Continuing Competency Course Approval to submit your request.