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Sharing or Reporting Information with the College

The College uses a secure submission form to allow files to be submitted to the College securely and confidentially. Members, other health care providers, facilities, or the public can use this submission form to share information. This may be in the form of a self-report, mandatory or permissive report, or for making other secure submissions to the College.

If you would like to submit files as an attachment, you may do so by uploading the document(s) by clicking “Choose Files” below.

If you are submitting a Mandatory or Self Report, and you would like more information about what should be included in that report, please contact the College at or review the Guide on Mandatory & Permissive Reporting.

Online Submission Form

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. Your report or file has been submitted successfully. Once you have submitted your report or files, you will receive a confirmation email from the College within 2 business days. If you submitted a Mandatory or Self Report, the Registrar will consider the issues addressed in your report, and the College may contact to you to obtain additional information. If you have any questions about the reports process, please contact or by telephone at 416.640.2252.


    Please upload all supporting information relevant to your report here.



    I understand that I am submitting information to the College.

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