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Member Portal

Midwives are expected to regularly access the Member Portal to renew registration and update information as necessary. If you are having trouble accessing the Member Portal, please get in touch with the College as soon as possible.

You can access the Member Portal here.

As the Member Portal is tied directly to the College’s Public Register, it is critically important that your information in the Member Portal is current.

All midwives are required to provide to the College information required under Section 10 of the Registration Regulation, and Section 14.05 of our General by-law, entitled “Member to Provide Information.” This includes the information you provide to the College at renewal. Members are also required to inform the College of any changes to your information. This requirement is outlined in Section 14.06 of our General by-law, the Section entitled “Changes to Information.”

By law, we are required to keep a Public Register that lists all the individuals who are registered with the College as midwives, along with certain pieces of information, including registration status and practice. We are responsible for ensuring that the Public Register is accessible to the public, and that it is up to date.

We are also required to collect information from members that is not publicly available, like your personal email addresses and home addresses.  Even though this information is not made publicly available, all members must provide this information to the College, and advise us of any changes in a timely manner. This allows us to easily communicate with the membership and ensures that members receive important notifications from the College.

What are midwives’ responsibilities?

It is your responsibility to provide to the College information required under the Registration Regulation, and the by-laws, and to ensure information is up to date. In accordance with the College’s Professional Misconduct Regulation, failure to provide information to the College may constitute professional misconduct.

How can I update my information?

When you log-in to the Member Portal you’re able to update much of your information, such as your personal contact information, the practices you’re affiliated with, your hospital privileges, and more. If you have other information you need to share with the College, such as criminal charges; findings of professional misconduct by another regulator in any jurisdiction; or other items under Section 10 of the Registration Regulation or Sections 14.05 and 14.06 of our General by-law, you must inform the College.  Check this table to see which pieces of information can be updated in the Member Portal, and which can only be provided in writing.

If you have any questions about updating your profile, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have.

Contact the Registration Department at: