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Registrar’s Investigations

Separate from the complaints process, concerns about the conduct, competence, or capacity of a midwife may be brought to the attention of the College.

Information may come from a mandatory report, other midwives or healthcare providers, or members of the public who do not wish to make a formal complaint.

The Registrar can appoint an investigator if there are reasonable and probable grounds to believe that a midwife engaged in professional misconduct or is incompetent.

The investigation is similar to the complaints process. The midwife will receive notice of the Registrar’s report, along with the results of the investigation. The midwife has the opportunity to provide a written response to the College.

Should delays in the investigation occur, the College will provide status updates to the midwife starting at 150 days following the appointment of investigator.

The results of the investigation are considered by the Inquiries, Complaints, and Reports Committee (ICRC).

The ICRC is comprised of elected and appointed registered midwives and public members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. The Risk Assessment Framework  is a tool used by the ICRC in both Registrar’s report investigations and complaints to make fair, consistent and transparent decisions. The panel could do one or more of the following:

  1. Take no further action, should the panel be of the view that the midwife met the standards of the profession
  2. Provide advice and recommendations to the midwife
  3. Require the midwife to complete a Specified Continuing Education or Remediation Program (SCERP) which can include courses, papers or chart audits
  4. Administer an oral caution, where the midwife appears before the panel
  5. Require the midwife to sign an acknowledgment and undertaking, which is a voluntary agreement between the midwife and the College to place certain restrictions on the midwife’s practise
  6. Refer specified allegations of professional misconduct and/or incompetence in the complaint to the Discipline Committee
  7. Refer the matter to the Fitness to Practise Committee, should the matter involve an allegation regarding the physical or mental capacity of the midwife.