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Professional Corporations

As set out in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and the Business Corporations Act, 1990, regulated health professionals are permitted to incorporate for the purpose of professional practice, providing they obtain Certificates of Authorization from their respective health college.

For information on how to incorporate, please review our Guide to an Application for a Certificate of Authorization for Health Profession Corporations found below.

Those wishing to incorporate must fill out the Initial Application for a Certificate of Authorization for a Professional Corporation.

The Certificate of Authorization must be renewed on or before April 1 of each year and is valid from April 1 to March 31. The fee for the annual renewal of a Certificate of Authorization is $250. If you are renewing a Certificate of Authorization, please submit the Application for Renewal of a Certificate of Authorization.

Incorporation Guide (Guide to an Application for a Certificate of Authorization for Health Profession Corporations)

Incorporation Application Form (Initial Application for a Certificate of Authorization for a Professional Corporation)

Reminder: The College is currently operating a virtual office, and courier packages cannot be received. Please submit the application form and attachments by email to The College will contact the applicant once the invoice is available to be paid by credit card through the Member Portal. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the process of incorporation, including the status of a submitted application, you may contact the College by phone 416.640.2252 ext. 222 or 1.844.640.2252 ext. 222, or by email

Please note that College staff neither provides legal nor financial advice respecting incorporations. A member considering incorporation, or who decides to apply for incorporation, should seek the services of a lawyer or credentialled professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is incorporation mandatory?

Incorporation by midwives is not mandatory.

Why incorporate?

Incorporation provides some tax advantages to midwives. 

The College cannot provide either legal or financial advice respecting incorporations. For information about tax advantages and legal implications, or to file an application to the College for incorporation, please consult with a lawyer and an accountant.

How do I incorporate?

Step 1

The Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 permits College members to establish a corporation for the purpose of providing midwifery services. Members wishing to incorporate must first incorporate under the Ontario Business Corporations Act. See the question below for specific naming requirements. Before proceeding with an incorporation application to the Ontario government, please review the College’s incorporation requirements first.

The College recommends that members seek legal and financial advice before applying for incorporation.

Step 2

After incorporation with the Ontario government, an application must be submitted to the College for a Certificate of Authorization. Without a Certificate of Authorization issued by the College, a member is neither permitted nor practising under a health professional corporation.

All shareholders, directors, or officers of a corporation must be currently registered members of the College. See our Application for Initial Certificate of Authorization and Guide for specific College requirements.

What are the name requirements for a Health Professional Corporation?

The name of a Health Professional Corporation must include two elements in order to be approved by the College. Those two specific elements are as follows:

1. Member’s full name or surname, including the full names or surnames of any other shareholder. Shareholders must be current members of the College. Member names must align with names appearing on the Public Register.

2. The words “Midwifery Professional Corporation” or “Société professionnelle”.

Examples of acceptable corporate names:

Jane Doe Midwifery Professional Corporation                 (full name of member)

J. Doe Midwifery Professional Corporation                      (first name initial and surname)

Doe Midwifery Professional Corporation                          (surname only of member)

Doe Smith Jones Midwifery Professional Corporation  (more than one member)

How do I change my professional corporation name?

Provided the proposed name follows the naming requirements for a Health Professional Corporation, the corporation’s name must first be changed with the Ontario government before documents can be filed with the College.

To ensure the proposed name change will be approved by the College, an email may be sent to

To change a corporation’s name with the College, an updated corporate profile, a copy of the updated corporate articles, and a copy of the processed name change document must be filed with the College. These are all documents issued by the Ontario government. The College fee to issue a Certificate of Authorization is $100.

How long does it take for my application to be processed?

College processing times for applications is approximately four weeks from the date of receipt of a complete application.

Once the application is processed, the effective date of incorporation becomes the date the College received the complete initial incorporation application. 

In the event that the College receives an incomplete or inaccurate incorporation application, the effective date becomes the date the College receives the last document that deems the application complete.  Inaccurate applications may cause significant processing delays.

How do I access a hard copy Certificate of Authorization?

Upon initial incorporation a one-time gold-sealed certificate of authorization is issued by the College.

Replacement certificates are available for a $100 fee.

What are the fees?

Initial fees

The fee for an initial application for a Certificate of Authorization for a Health Professional Corporation is $500. 

The initial fee is not pro-rated. Certificates expire on March 31st each year and must be renewed no later than April 1st of each year.  

Period of validity for an initial certificate is from date of issue by the College to March 31st.

Upon request, the College will issue an incorporation certificate as early as possible in April provided the application is received in February or March and allows for a period of four weeks for processing by the College.

Annual fees

The fee to renew a Certificate of Authorization for a Health Professional Corporation is $250.

How and when do I renew?

Renewal information is distributed by email in January of each year. Renewal applications are due by April 1st. Each renewal reminder sent out by the College will incur a $50 fee.

Period of validity for renewal is April 1st to March 31st.

What information goes on the Public Register?

The College reports the active status or inactive status of health professional corporations on the Public Register, including the names of each director and/or officer.