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Change of Registration Class

Members are required to submit an application to the College to change their class of registration for periods they will not be practising midwifery in Ontario or to resume the practice of midwifery in Ontario. Applications for class changes may be submitted at any time during the membership year, however, processing times vary depending on the type of class change, and if the application is received during the high-volume Registration Renewal period of August through October.

Types of Class Changes

There are three types of class changes as follows:

  1. General class (Eligible to practise) to Inactive class (Not practising)
  2. Inactive class (Not practising) to General class (Eligible to practise)
  3. Inactive class (Not practising) to General class (Eligible to practise) requiring a Registration Committee Panel review

Applications may be submitted by one of the following methods:

  • Electronically. You can submit your application on our secure deposit box by clicking here.  (This is the preferred method by the College)
  • Mail:
    College of Midwives of Ontario
    21 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 303
    Toronto, Ontario M4T 1L9

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application within 3 days.

Applications that are incomplete or are missing required documentation will result in processing delays. Class changes to the General class during the Registration Renewal period from August to October may require additional time for the College to process. Please allow ample time for processing by submitting your application as early as possible. Should you require any further information regarding class changes, please contact the Registration Department at or 416-640-2252 ext. 208.

Forms and Helpful Hints

Changing Class of Registration – Important Information and Process Overview

Change of Class Inactive to General Class Change Form

Change of Class General to Inactive Class Form

Click to expand for more information on different types of class changes

1. General Class to Inactive Class

2. Inactive Class to General Class

3. Inactive to General Class Requiring a Registration Committee Panel Review.

Jurisprudence Course Required for Class Changes to General Class

In accordance with Sections 15 (4) (a) and 7.7 of the Registration Regulation, all members requesting a class change from the Inactive class to the General class of registration effective April 1, 2018, are required to show evidence of having completed the College’s Jurisprudence Course, unless the course was previously completed.

Note: The usual $300 fee for the Jurisprudence Course is waived for class changes. The Jurisprudence Course may be completed up to one year prior to the effective date of the class change.

Click here to read the process overview for more information about the Jurisprudence Course