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Registrant Name Changes

According to the College’s General By-law, midwives are required to inform and register a legal name change with the College within 14 days of the change occurring.

Registrants must submit the College’s “Name Change Request Form” along with a copy of a “Change of Name” certificate issued by the government or a copy of their current, non-expired driver’s license, health card, or passport that displays their changed name.

All certificates of registration that are issued by the College will reflect the midwife’s current legal name. An administration fee of $100 applies in order to re-issue registration documents and update College records with the name change.

Note: The College waives administrative costs for the name-change process for Indigenous midwives registered with the College reclaiming their Indigenous names pursuant to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Call to Action #17.

If a midwife has a common name or nickname that is known by the health professional community or clients, this name and any abbreviations used for it should also be provided to the College to be displayed on the Public Register. 

To submit and register your name change, download and return the new Name Change Request Form through the College’s secure deposit box by clicking here.

Registrants are reminded that they must practise midwifery using the legal name displayed on the Public Register pursuant to the Professional Misconduct Regulation under the Midwifery Act, S.O. 1991, c. 31.