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2019-2020 Registration Renewal, APR & QAP Requirements

Members are required to submit the following three items by October 1, 2019, Registration Renewal and Continuing Competencies, Active Practice Reports, and Quality Assurance Program Requirements.

An infographic that describes what three items are due by October 1.

1. Registration Renewal

2. Active Practice Reports (APR)

3. Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

1. Registration Renewal

An infographic that outlines the three steps needing to be completed by members before October 1. 
Step one renewal form submission. Step two Continuing Competencies uploaded. Step three payment received by College.

The College’s online registration renewal period runs from August 1 to October 1, every year. Members are required to renew their certificates of registration on an annual basis.

Online renewals are deemed complete if by October 1:

  1. The member has completed the online renewal application;
  2. The College has received accurate and legible proof of continuing competencies, if applicable; and,
  3. The College has received the member’s annual fee payment(s).

Accessing the Online Renewal Application

The online renewal site is live and available during the renewal period (August 1 to October 1) in the Member Portal of the College website. You will need your username and password to access the site.

Follow these steps in our Registration Renewal Guide to renew your registration. If you’d like to download a copy of the guide, click here.

Step 1 & 2. Getting Started & Renewal Route

Step 3. Home Address & Contact Information

Step 5. Other Registrations

Step 4. Practice Location(s) & Information

Step 5: Other Registrations

Step 5.2. Hospital & Birth Centre Privileges (hidden for Inactive members)

Step 6. Continuing Competency Evidence

Step 7. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC)

Step 8. Disclosures

Step 9. Authorization

Step 10. Payment

FINAL Step – Confirmation Page

2. Active Practice Requirements (APR)

This infographic describes the active practice requirements and the steps you need to take in order to submit your APR.

Step one, log in. Step two, report, step three, submit.

The outcomes are that either you meet requirements, or you do not meet requirements and are referred to panel.

Members must satisfy active practice requirements as outlined in the Registration Regulation, and therefore are required to submit Active Practice Reports by October 1, 2019.

Active Practice Requirements and Submission

Review of APR

Meeting APR

APR Shortfalls

Referral to Registration Committee for an APR Shortfall

Members in the Inactive Class

Members in the Supervised Practice Class

3. Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

The College’s Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is designed to ensure that the knowledge, skill and judgment of Ontario midwives remains current throughout their careers, and that they continue to provide safe, effective, appropriate and ethical midwifery care to their clients. The QAP is mandated under the Regulated Health Profession’s Act, 1991 (RHPA). The components of the QAP can be found under the Quality Assurance Regulation (O. Reg. 335/12) made under the Midwifery Act, 1991.

The Quality Assurance Program is intended to be supportive in nature. It is meant to promote and enhance members’ understanding of the practice of the profession of midwifery through:

Continuing Education and Professional Development

Peer & Practice Assessment


Reporting QAP Activities