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Assistance and Corrections

Assistance and Corrections

Registrant Self-Service (Member Portal)

Password Reset:  If you have forgotten your password to access the Registrant Self-Service (Member Portal), click the Forgot Password button. The system will email you a link to reset your password within 30 minutes.

Locked Out:  If you are locked out of the Registrant Self-Service (Member Portal), send an email to

Drop-down Menus

Hospital Drop-down Menu:  If you require the College to add a hospital to the drop-down menu because the hospital isn’t there, please provide the name of the hospital, hospital address, phone number, and the date you were granted privileges to

Practice Location Drop-down Menu:  If you require the College to add a practice location to the drop-down menu because it isn’t there, please provide the name of the practice location, practice location address, phone number, and start date and/or end date to

Information Corrections and/or Changes

Past Practice Location Entries:  If a correction is required to your past practice locations and information, including corrections to start or end dates, please send the correction/s required to  As a reminder, members are required to maintain accurate current and past practice information on file with the College at all times.

Practice Address Changes:  If your practice address has changed, please send the new address, and phone number to and the College records will be updated.

Continuing Competency Information: When the Edit option isn’t available to correct continuing competency information submitted to the College, simply add a new entry.

Other Assistance

For assistance with any other questions or issues respecting renewal or APR, please contact the College by either email at or by phone at 414-640-2252 / 1-844-640-2252 ext. 222. 

Response Times

If you have contacted the College, please allow a minimum of two business days for a response.  Please do not call or email multiple times within the same two business day period unless you are contacting the College about a different matter.