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FAQ – Renewal 2019-2020

Continuing Competency Evidence

Can I email, fax or mail my certificates to the College?

Why are my certificates from last year not showing in the Certification tab?

If I renew my registration before my certificates expire, will I be in default and charged the penalty fee?

What can I do if I’m renewing one of my continuing competency certificates just before the October 1st deadline and won’t have a card/certificate for the College?

Is there a grace period to obtain one of my continuing competency certificates because I can’t find a course until after October 1st?

Can I submit my registration renewal form and payment if one of my continuing competencies on file has expired?

I’m thinking of taking a specific course, how can I make sure the College will accept it to meet continuing competency requirements?

Class Change

What do I need to do to change my registration class?

Default and Suspension Notice

What happens if I don’t submit a complete registration renewal by October 1?

Inactive Members

As an Inactive member of the College, do I need to renew my registration with the College?

Can you help me to understand the difference between maintaining my Inactive registration versus resigning my registration?

Letters of Good Standing and Letters of Professional Conduct

What do I do if I need a letter of professional conduct (or letter of good standing) sent out during the renewal period (August 1 to September 30) but my renewal isn’t complete?

Name Change

What do I need to do to change my name with the College?

Office Hours

What are your office hours so that I can drop off my payment in person?


Does the College accept bank transfers, online payments, or VISA Debit?

Did the College receive my credit card payment?

Did the College receive the cheque I mailed to pay my renewal fees?

Why can’t I see my cheque payment in the Member Portal?

How can I pay my fees by credit card after initially indicating I would pay by cheque on my submitted renewal form?

Questions about Renewal and APR

Who do I contact at the College with renewal questions or active practice questions?

Registration Documents

Wallet Card

When will my updated wallet card be available?

How can I confirm I successfully renewed my registration with the College?

Renewal Form Submission

How can I check that I have submitted my 2019 renewal form?

Are there any advantages to renewing early?

Penalty Fee

When is the 15% penalty fee applied?


I don’t want to renew or pay fees, so how can I resign from the College of Midwives of Ontario?

Can you help me to understand the difference between resigning my registration versus maintaining my Inactive registration?