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*new* What to Expect Brochure

February 6, 2019

Note: This article was originally published in our Winter 2019 edition of our On Call newsletter, and has not been updated.

The College has created a new brochure for midwives to give to clients. This will replace the “About Midwifery” brochure we have provided in the past.

The College’s new brochures are designed for clients to understand what to expect from a midwife in Ontario. We cover the work that the College does to ensure midwifery is safe and effective in Ontario, and advise what clients can expect throughout pregnancy and for the first six weeks after giving birth.

These new brochures will be available to all midwives. Our Professional Standards for Midwives require midwives to advise clients about the College, including its complaints process. We created these brochures to help midwives meet that standard.  It will be your choice whether you share these brochures.

In the coming weeks we will be sending brochures directly to each practice. Once you receive the new brochures, we ask that you recycle the old “About Midwifery” brochures, as we will no longer be distributing them.

In the new brochure, we talk about how Ontario midwives are primary care providers and will work with clients through pregnancy, labour, and the first six weeks after a baby is born.

Look for an email from the College about distributing this new brochure in the next few weeks. You can also download the new brochure on our website here.

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