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Public Consultations: Professional Conduct & General Regulation

December 16, 2016

The College seeks to make changes to legislation and regulations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its programs, to respond to best practices in regulation, to remove barriers to the delivery of safe, timely and quality midwifery care, and to improve client experience in the health care system. All legislation and regulations that define and inform the practice and regulation of midwifery, and that require Ministry approval, will be reviewed.

At this time, the College Council has approved the Professional Misconduct Regulation and the General Regulation (Quality Assurance; Notice of Open Meetings and Hearings; and Intubation of a Newborn) for a formal consultation. These consultations open December 16, 2016, and close February 24, 2017.

The consultation documents can be found here and here. Click on these links to read the current language, the proposed new language (including proposed deletions) and the rationale for all proposed changes. Once you have fully reviewed the consultation documents, please submit your comments using the feedback forms. Alternatively, you may send emails directly to

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