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Clients & the Public

The College of Midwives of Ontario regulates midwifery in the public interest.

Our primary obligation to is to ensure that midwives in Ontario are qualified, skilled, and competent to practise. Ontarians can be confident that the College makes decisions in their best interest.

Ontario has 26 health regulatory colleges that oversee healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists, massage therapists, and many more. The College of Midwives of Ontario is the regulator of midwives in Ontario.

We regulate practising midwives by:

  • Registering midwives, ensuring everyone entering midwifery has the education and experience to provide quality care.
  • Ensuring that midwives meet high standards.
  • Requiring midwives to stay active in their practice and continue to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Investigating and responding to any concerns or complaints about the care provided by midwives.

Midwives provide care in a variety of settings including homes, clinics, hospitals, and birth centres. All midwives follow the same professional standards of practice. We provide guidance to help them do so.

If you have any questions for the College about your midwife or midwifery practice, please call or email us.

If you are contacting the College to make a complaint or report a concern, our professional conduct staff will be able to help. The College has a committee to deal with complaints or concerns regarding midwives’ conduct, and we are committed to serving the public. More information on the complaints process can be found on the complaints page on our website or by calling our office.