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Applying for Funding for Therapy

Midwifery clients who report instances of sexual abuse from their midwife are able to apply for funding for therapy and counselling from the College.  We have created the Guide on Funding for Therapy & Counselling, which sets out information on the process for obtaining funding for therapy and counselling for individuals who were, or may have been, sexually abused by a member of the College while they were a client.

Clients who are applying for funding will be asked to fill out the forms below.  Please review the guide to see which forms will be applicable to your situation, or contact the College for guidance. We are here to help you navigate this process. You can reach the College at 416-640-2252 x. 224.

Form A – Funding for Therapy & Counselling Application (to be completed by the applicant)

Form B  – Therapist/Counsellor Information (to be completed by the applicant and therapist/counsellor)

Form C  – Request for Reimbursement of Past Therapy or Counselling Costs (to be completed by the applicant if the therapy/counselling has already been provided)

Form D  – Information for Processing Invoices for Therapy & Counselling (to be completed by the therapist/counsellor)