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Registrar’s Investigation Decision Making Tool

October 19, 2022

Note: This article was originally published in our Summer/Autumn 2022 edition of our On Call newsletter and has not been updated.

When information about a registrant’s conduct or actions (that is not a formal complaint) comes to the attention of the College, the Registrar has a responsibility and obligation to take the steps necessary to address the alleged conduct or actions of the registrant. This decision-making tool assists the Registrar to determine an appropriate outcome relative to risk to the public. The tool demonstrates a consistent, and transparent formula that guides the Registrar’s decision-making (but remains discretionary) when it considers information and decides on whether a regulatory outcome or further actions are required in the public interest.

The College may decide to conduct preliminary and informal inquiries as part of the process. Preliminary inquiries are not always required but may include obtaining additional information from the source and/or the registrant, or obtaining a copy of the midwifery record relevant to the alleged conduct. The nature of the preliminary inquiries will vary from case to case, depending on the alleged conduct and potential risk to the public.

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