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Renewal 2022

October 1, 2022 is the deadline this year. Click here to add this deadline to your calendar.

By October 1, 2022, all registrants are required to submit their:

  1. Online registration renewal application and payment
  2. Active practice declaration and/or report, only for those who hold General registration and are due to meet the active practice requirements

To successfully complete your 2022 renewal, please review ALL information outlined below before getting started.

2022 Renewal Requirements

  1. The 2022 renewal application, which is accessible in the Member Portal, includes these required items to be submitted:
    1. Your renewal information
    2. The continuing competencies declaration for practising midwives
    3. The Blood Borne Viruses standard declaration
    4. An invoice to pay your 2022 fees
  2. Active practice declaration and/or report, only if a registrant is due or past-due to meet the active practice requirements and currently holds General class registration.  Check your due date by accessing the Active Practice Reporting button in the Member Portal.

Get Started

We suggest you begin the renewal process by gathering all of your information, including:

  • Practice Location details, including dates (past and current)
  • Hospital/Birth Centre Privilege details, including dates
  • Other Registration details (whether you practise or have practised midwifery in another jurisdiction, or are registered in any other profession)
  • Any new education information
  • Details of time spent practising and on call within the past 12 months
  • A calculator
  • Information related to any findings, charges or proceedings
  • Visa or MasterCard

With this information gathered, most midwives will be able to complete the renewal process in 30-45 minutes.

VERY IMPORTANT: Only once you have reached the page labelled “Submitted” have you successfully submitted your online renewal application to the College.  We encourage you to save this page for your records.

2022 Renewal Fees

Registration ClassFull FeePayment Instalments
General, Supervised Practice, or Transitional$2,703$1,376.50 dated October 1, 2022
$1,326.50 dated February 1, 2023
Inactive on October 1$1,214$632 dated October 1, 2022
$582 dated February 1, 2023
Class change to Inactive between October 2-November 1, 2022$1,338$756 dated October 1, 2022
$582 dated February 1, 2023

Payment Methods and Options

The College accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard or Cheque for full fees. Payment by instalment is by cheque only, and both cheques, in the amounts and dates above, must be received by the College no later than October 1, 2022.

If you are paying by cheque, please note that the College is currently operating a virtual office, and courier packages cannot be received. Please use regular mail instead and send to: 

College of Midwives of Ontario
21 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 303
Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1L9

To renew your registration today, log in to the Member Portal and follow the prompts.

Payment Plan Requests

In extenuating circumstances, a midwife may request a payment plan from the College for registration renewal fees due on October 1, 2022. Extenuating circumstances are defined as conditions beyond one’s control that justify a payment plan beyond what is already offered with respect to payment in two instalments. A midwife applying for a payment plan will need to show that the circumstances of the application are sufficiently exceptional to justify a departure from the annual renewal requirements. It is for the applicant to demonstrate that exceptional circumstances exist. The deadline to submit a request/application form for a payment plan to the College is September 1, 2022.

To access the Payment Plan Request form, click here.

Helpful Hints

  • Renew Early! We experience the greatest renewal volume 14 days prior to the deadline. To avoid last-minute complications, give yourself (and us) sufficient time to resolve potential problems.
  • Use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome for best functionality.
  • View the Member Portal in “full-screen” on your computer.
  • Use only the PREVIOUS or NEXT tab keys at the bottom of every screen to navigate through the screens.
  • Enter all required information for each section before moving on to the next section. 
  • The Member Portal will save all information in each section, allowing you to log in and out and complete the renewal application at your convenience.
  • Inactive registration class midwives will only see the pages required to complete their renewal application.

Continuing Competency Requirements

All practising midwives are expected to have completed full training in neonatal resuscitation (NRP), cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Skills (ES), including in-person components by October 1, 2022.

 To review the requirements for 2022, click here.

Practising midwives will not be required to upload training certificates and will only be required to complete a declaration within the renewal form. Midwives should maintain records of activities undertaken should the College request the information at a later date.

Midwives requiring more time to complete one or more continuing competencies beyond October 1, 2022, may select an automatic extension within the Continuing Competency section of the renewal form. Midwives will then have until December 31, 2022, to both complete any outstanding continuing competency and to upload the certificate of completion to the Member Portal without penalty.

A 15% penalty fee will be levied after December 31, 2022, for any outstanding and/or late certificate of completion uploaded to the Member Portal.  

This extension is only available this year to address any potential limited access to courses due to the ongoing pandemic.

Declaration for Blood Borne Viruses Standard

On June 1, 2022, the revised Blood Borne Viruses standard came into effect. The standard is designed to protect the public from a preventable infection with a blood borne virus that may be transmitted from a midwife during care.

Midwives are to declare that they are complying with the Blood Borne Viruses standard within the registration renewal form starting in 2022. A declaration of noncompliance will not impact a registrant’s ability to renew but the College may contact the registrant to obtain additional information to determine whether any regulatory action is required to address the failure to maintain this standard of the profession.  

What hasn’t changed in the new version of the standard?

Midwives who perform exposure-prone procedures (e.g., perineal repair) must be tested for HIV, HCV and HBV.

What has changed in the new version of the standard?

  • Midwives who are seropositive for HIV, HCV, or HBV are not required to report their seropositive status to the College.
  • Midwives who do not perform exposure-prone procedures do not require testing for HIV, HCV, or HBV.
  • Periodic testing for HIV, HCV and HBV has been replaced with specific testing frequencies:
    • midwives must be tested every three years for HIV and HCV and;
    • midwives must have proven immunity to HBV through vaccination or resolved infection, or
    • midwives must be tested annually for HBV.
  • Midwives must declare they are complying with the Blood Borne Viruses standard

What does it mean to have proven immunity?

Proven immunity means there is a record of anti-HBs serology. The record of immunity can be from any time such as post-HBV immunization as a youth or student, testing during pregnancy or testing done under the requirements of the previous version of the Blood Borne Pathogens standard. Testing need not be repeated if documented immunity already exists. For more information about HBV immunity please see table 8.8 in the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Guideline on the Prevention of Transmission of Bloodborne Viruses from Infected Healthcare Workers in Healthcare Settings.

What do midwives need to do to be in compliance?

To be in compliance:

  • A midwife must have been tested for HIV and HCV in the last three years (i.e., on or since October 1, 2019 for the 2022 renewal).
  • A midwife must have been tested for HBV in the past year (i.e., on or since October 1, 2021 for the 2022 renewal) unless they have proven immunity to HBV. Those with proven immunity do not require testing.

You can review the revised standard here.

Questions about this standard may be directed by email to

Practice Location(s) and Information

All midwives are required to certify that their current and past practice information on file with the College is complete and accurate to the best of their ability. 

We encourage you to review your Public Register profile to identify any gaps, corrections, or duplicate information. You can access the Practice Location tab in the Member Portal to make changes before entering the renewal form. Changes can also be made directly in the renewal application. 

If you cannot make a required correction to your practice information, send an email to and College staff will make the correction. Additional guidance respecting practice location and information can be found in Step 4 of the renewal guide. Information about member reporting requirements is available in the 2022 Renewal Guide.

Active Practice Requirements

All midwives are expected to continue practising in accordance with the conditions on their certificates of registration, including working towards meeting the active practice requirements (APR), but not all midwives are required to report their birth numbers this year as has been required in the past. Going forward, midwives will report birth numbers in 2-year or 5-year intervals and only if they haven’t met the birth number requirements.  To review the active practice birth number requirements, click here.  

For this year, only midwives who both hold General class registration and who are due or are past-due to meet the Active Practice Requirements are required to submit a declaration and/or a report to the College by October 1, 2022. Check your due date and learn more about this requirement by accessing the Active Practice Reporting button in the Member Portal. 

The College did not require midwives to submit active practice reports in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.  This year, the College is requiring only those registrants who have an APR due date in 2020, 2021, and 2022, to submit a declaration and/or active practice report to the College by the October 1, 2022 deadline.  

Inactive registrants are not required to report.  Due dates for Inactive registrants will be adjusted upon their return to practice.  Supervised Practice registrants are not subject to this requirement until they hold a General Certificate of Registration.

All other midwives should not submit reports to the College until they are due to meet the active practice requirements. We thank you for your cooperation and patience during this transition period.

Registration Class Changes and Resignation Requests

To change your registration class, please refer to our page on changing registration class or resigning.   

Professional Development Portfolio

Midwives are not required to submit Professional Development Portfolio activities to the College in 2022.  The first deadline to submit Professional Development Portfolio activities is October 1, 2024 for most midwives. To learn more, click here.

  • If you have any questions about renewal, class changes, resignation, or active practice requirements, view our FAQs.
  • If this is your first time renewing your registration, or if you would like more detailed information about renewal, visit our step-by-step guide.