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2022 Renewal Guide

This in-depth renewal guide is intended for midwives who are new to the College’s reporting requirements or would like more detailed information.

Midwives are required to renew their certificates of registration with the College on an annual basis. The renewal deadline is October 1, 2022.

Please ensure that your renewal is complete and received by the College by October 1. Incomplete or late renewals will be subject to a penalty of an additional 15% of the annual membership fee and a notice of default will be issued. 

For 2022, online renewals will be deemed complete if, by October 1:

  1. A midwife has completed and submitted the online renewal application.
  2. The midwife has submitted their annual fee payment(s).

Click the steps below to get started!

Step 1 & 2: Getting Started and Renewal Route

The online renewal application is available during the renewal period in our Member Portal starting in August. You will need your email address and password to access the Member Portal.

The online renewal application will automatically recognize your current class of registration as noted on the Public Register. 

You will be asked to select your registration renewal route based on the certificate of registration that you hold or apply to hold: General, Supervised Practice, Transitional, Inactive or Resignation. If you intend to change your registration class between August 1 to October 1, please review the class change information here.

Step 3. Home Address and Contact Information

Ensure that the College has your current home address and contact information. The College uses your personal contact information—not your practice contact information—to contact you for all College business. All midwives must provide a valid email address*, per the College’s General By-law 14.05(e). 

Your personal contact information is not published on the Public Register. 

*If you change your email address in this section, your newly entered email address will be your user login for the Member Portal

Step 4. Practice Location(s) & Information

Midwives are required to provide all practice location(s), dates where they currently provide and have previously provided midwifery services within Ontario, and the position held at each practice location. This includes all other places they practise midwifery if not in a midwifery practice group. 

This information is published in the Public Register.

Look for any duplicates to be deleted from your profile. Are there any practice locations to be added? Are all the practice locations where you have practised since joining the College entered? Any discrepancies between when you started at a practice location compared to when you became eligible to practise with the College?

Updating or Correcting Practice Information? 

To add a new practice you work with, select +Add Practice button in the top left-hand corner, select your current practice from the drop-down menu, add a start date, and answer the questions presented.

To add a past practice location not listed in your profile, select +Add Practice button in the top left-hand corner, select the practice from the drop-down menu, add a start date, answer the questions presented, including your position at the practice, and add an end date.  To edit, select the Edit button. Note: Adding an end date will move the practice location entry to the past practice tab.

To edit/update information for an existing practice listed in your profile either in the Current Practice(s) tab or in the Past Practice(s) tab, click the EDIT button and update the information. Note: Adding an end date will move the practice location entry to the past practice tab unless the end date is a future date.If there is any information you cannot correct directly, send an email to noting the required correction. The correction will be made by College staff and afterwards you will receive an email confirming the change.

Not affiliated with a midwifery practice group? 

If you are currently practising midwifery outside a midwifery practice group, please provide the College with information on where you are practising, including your position title, and start date, if not currently listed on your College profile. To add new information, please email the information to and the information will be added to your profile. 

Step 5. Other Registrations

All midwives are required to provide information about current or past registrations or licences held in any profession in any jurisdiction. This information is published on the Public Register. Midwives are asked to provide the following information where applicable:

  • Name of the regulator/licensing body 
  • Profession 
  • Province/State/Territory (Canada/US) 
  • Country 
  • Start and End date 

Add a new registration by clicking the +Add Registration button. To edit the existing information, click Edit. 

Not registered or licensed to practise midwifery in another jurisdiction or any other profession in any jurisdiction? Click the Next button in the lower right-hand corner to continue.

Step 5.2 Hospital & Birth Centre Privileges (hidden for Inactive midwives)

All midwives must provide the College with the names of all Ontario hospitals and birth centres where they hold privileges. Any current hospital/birth centre privilege information on file with the College will be visible in this section. 

Please review the list in this section and make any necessary changes. Choose +Add New to add to the list or Edit to add an end date. Where an end date is entered, the hospital/birth centre privilege will appear under Past Privileges, unless the end date is a future date. Please also indicate whether you are the head midwife at each hospital where you have privileges.

If your hospital/birth centre is not in the drop-down menu, please contact the College at for an adjustment to the drop-down menu.

Step 6. Continuing Competency

Practising midwives will be asked to complete one of the following declarations within the renewal form:

I hereby declare that I have completed the continuing competency requirements for NRP, CPR and ES for 2022, as outlined here.

I understand that I should retain certificates of completion for NRP, CPR and ES should the College request this information at a later date.

Note: Registrants are not required to upload certificates of completion to the Continuing Competencies tab on the left menu of the Member Portal unless requested by the College.


I hereby declare that as of October 1, I will not have completed the continuing competency requirements of one or all of NRP, CPR and ES for 2022, as outlined here.

Please indicate outstanding training and reason/s:


Note: For training completed between October 2 to December 31, 2022, upload your certificate(s) of training to the Continuing Competency tab as soon as available.

Midwives requiring more time to complete one or more continuing competencies beyond October 1, 2022, may select an automatic extension within the Continuing Competency section of the renewal form.

Midwives will then have until December 31, 2022, to both complete any outstanding continuing competency and to upload the certificate of completion to the Member Portal without penalty. A 15% penalty fee will be levied after December 31, 2022, for any outstanding and/or late certificate of completion uploaded to the Member Portal.  

This extension is only available this year to address any potential limited access to courses due to the ongoing pandemic.

Step 7. Ministry of Health

HealthForceOntario Health Professions Database (HPDB)

The next sections relate to HPDB requirements. Accurate completion of this section helps the College fulfill its role as a source of information concerning the Ontario midwifery profession. The College is required to report this information directly to the government in accordance with section 36.1 of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991. Most of the questions have drop-down menus from which you must select an answer.

Gender Data to be Collected in 2022

Starting in 2022, the College of Midwives of Ontario is legally required to collect and report gender data from all registrants to the Ministry of Health.

Allowable Ministry gender values are:

  • F for Female
  • M for Male
  • X for Unspecified

Note: A blank or unknown value are not permitted. Please select your Gender from the drop-down menu.

Section 1 – Languages of Care  

Any languages previously provided will be visible in this section. Please review the list of languages, Edit, Delete, or +Add New to indicate languages in which you can competently provide midwifery services. The comprehensive list of languages provided in the drop-down menu are those approved by the HPDB. A maximum of five languages from the drop-down menu provided may be selected. Either French and/or English must be selected to continue to the next page.  

Section 2 – Education Details 

Enter education details related to your professional qualifications as a midwife as well as any additional post-secondary education you have completed, which does not already appear in this section.  Please select +Add New for each education detail to be added separately. 

After clicking +Add New you will see three tick boxes: 

The education that I am now reporting on was granted in: 

United States
Outside of Canada & the United States

Each tick box will take you to a different screen; Canada will include an institution and province drop-down menus with Canada for Country pre-populated; United States will preselect “Out of Country” for institution and show a drop-down menu for state with USA for country pre-populated and; outside of Canada & the United States preselects “Out of Country” for institution, will show N/A for province/state and show options for all countries.

IMPP graduates will be listed as Ryerson University for institution name and Diploma for education level. Michener graduates are listed with Michener for institution name and Diploma for education level. PLA and PLEA graduates are listed with PLA or PLEA for institution name and Diploma for education level.

Education required for entry-to-practice in Ontario cannot be edited.  If there is a concern or missing data, please contact the College by email at

Section 3 – Current Practice Location(s) (Not visible for Inactive Midwives)

Please edit your current practice location(s) to provide any missing or updated information. Select the Edit button (pencil symbol) on each practice listed to complete or update the required practice information. The information listed will show your current places of practice, as provided in Step 4 of the renewal form. 

Section 4 and 4.1 – Practice Information & History  

Section 4

Please review and complete this section to reflect your initial year and location of your first midwifery practice and to indicate your current practice status. 

Section 4.1 

Please complete this section to reflect your most recent previous location of practice outside of Ontario and the last year you practised in that location outside of Ontario.  If Canada or the USA, please indicate province or state.  If this does not apply to you, please proceed to the next section. 

Section 5 – Practice Information within the past 12 months  

Section 5: First Page / Screen 

All midwives are required to complete the first question to indicate preferred work status, based on the options provided by HPDB in the drop-down menu. 

The remainder of this section (not visible to Inactive Midwives) relates to the amount of time you have spent practising midwifery within the past 12 months (weeks and average hours). Please review all the bullet points before answering the questions in this section. Excerpt from the renewal form follows below:

  • One practise day in any week = one week of practise
  • One week or greater of vacation, off-call and/or sick and leave time = not practising
  • Include all practise hours (e.g. travel time, and on-call hours when midwifery care was provided)
  • The Ministry database does not accept entries that exceed 168 hours
  • If not applicable, enter 0

Provide the number of weeks you spent practising in the past 12 months.
Provide the average number of hours spent practising per week in the past 12 months.
Provide the average number of weekly on-call hours in the past 12 months.

Section 5: Second Page/Screen (Not visible for Inactive Midwives) 

This section relates to your allocation of time to different activities. You are asked to break your workweek down into percentages. If the question does not apply to you, enter ‘0’ (zero) to reflect ‘Not Applicable’. All questions that ask for a percentage value must add up to 100%. If you did not practise, enter ‘100’ to indicate time spent on all other activities (last question on the list) and enter ‘0’ (zero) for the preceding percentage questions. Questions from the renewal form are as follows:

  • Percentage of time spent on direct midwifery care (e.g. client care, conducting tests, health promotion, etc.). This excludes clinical education hours where you provided midwifery care to clients while teaching a student.
  • Percentage of time spent on clinical education where you provided midwifery care to clients while teaching a student.
  • Percentage of time spent on teaching in a classroom setting – time spent teaching to prepare midwifery students. This excludes clinical education where you provided midwifery care to clients while teaching a student.
  • Percentage of time spent on research.
  • Percentage of time spent on non-clinical administration.
  • Percentage of time spent on all other activities – Time spent per week on activities excluding providing midwifery care to clients, teaching, research, and administration.

Step 8. Disclosures

Please answer the disclosure questions based on an event(s) occurring or having occurred in Ontario, or any other jurisdiction, if not previously disclosed to the College. If you have previously made a disclosure but new information is available, please provide the information.

The disclosure questions are to be answered ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Any question answered with a ‘Yes’, must include details in the space provided. Please answer each of the disclosure questions carefully.

Step 9. Authorization

Certify that you have current professional liability insurance as required or will hold an Inactive class of registration. All General, Supervised Practice, and Transitional certificate holders must always maintain professional liability insurance as a condition of registration. Inactive midwives are not required to maintain professional liability insurance.

Certify that all information provided is true, complete, and accurate to proceed to the next section.

Step 9.5. Declaration: Blood Borne Viruses standard

On June 1, 2022, the revised Blood Borne Viruses standard came into effect. The standard is designed to protect the public from a preventable infection with a blood borne virus that may be transmitted from a midwife during care.In this section, midwives will be asked to declare their compliance or noncompliance with the College’s Blood Borne Viruses standard by completing the following declaration:


I have read and understand the College’s Blood Borne Viruses standard including:

  • the testing requirements for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C for midwives who perform exposure prone procedures; and
  • the requirement for seropositive midwives to be in the care of a primary care provider with expertise in the management of blood borne viruses.

I declare that I am following this standard:


A declaration of noncompliance will not impact a registrant’s ability to renew but the College may contact the registrant to obtain additional information to determine whether any regulatory action is required to address the failure to maintain this standard of the profession.

What hasn’t changed in the new version of the standard?

Midwives who perform exposure-prone procedures (e.g., perineal repair) must be tested for HIV, HCV and HBV.

What has changed in the new version of the standard?

  • Midwives who are seropositive for HIV, HCV, or HBV are not required to report their seropositive status to the College. 
  • Midwives who do not perform exposure-prone procedures do not require testing for HIV, HCV, or HBV.
  • Periodic testing for HIV, HCV and HBV has been replaced with specific testing frequencies:
    • midwives must be tested every three years for HIV and HCV and;
    • midwives must have proven immunity to HBV through vaccination or resolved infection, or
    • midwives must be tested annually for HBV.
  • Midwives must declare they are complying with the Blood Borne Viruses standard

What does it mean to have proven immunity?

Proven immunity means there is a record of anti-HBs serology. The record of immunity can be from any time such as post-HBV immunization as a youth or student, testing during pregnancy or testing done under the requirements of the previous version of the Blood Borne Pathogens standard. Testing need not be repeated if documented immunity already exists. For more information about HBV immunity please see table 8.8 in the Public Health Agency of Canada’s

Guideline on the Prevention of Transmission of Bloodborne Viruses from Infected Healthcare Workers in Healthcare Settings

What do midwives need to do to be in compliance?

To be in compliance:

  • A midwife must have been tested for HIV and HCV in the last three years (i.e., on or since October 1, 2019 for the 2022 renewal).
  • A midwife must have been tested for HBV in the past year (i.e., on or since October 1, 2021 for the 2022 renewal) unless they have proven immunity to HBV. Those with proven immunity do not require testing.

You can review the revised standard here.

Questions about this standard may be directed by email to

Step 10. Payment

2022 Renewal Fees

Registration ClassFull FeePayment Instalments
General, Supervised Practice, or Transitional$2,703$1,376.50 dated October 1, 2022
$1,326.50 dated February 1, 2023
Inactive on October 1$1,214$632 dated October 1, 2022
$582 dated February 1, 2023
Class change to Inactive between October 2-November 1, 2022$1,338$756 dated October 1, 2022
$582 dated February 1, 2023

Select your method of payment. College fees can only be paid by:  

  • Visa or MasterCard through the Member Portal (full annual fee only)
  • Cheque (full annual fee or two instalments, as noted in the table above)

If payment by Visa or MasterCard is selected, the renewal system will guide you through the secure online payment process and will then automatically submit your registration renewal form to the College. Please note instalment payments by credit card are not possible. To pay in instalments, select the cheque payment option instead. 

If payment by cheque is selected, please review the information on screen before clicking the submit button, which will submit your renewal form to the College. Payment by instalment applies to cheque payments only. 

To be accepted by the College, cheque payments must be: 

  • Payable to the “College of Midwives of Ontario” 
  • Signed and dated accordingly with midwife’s name and College registration number clearly visible on the face of the cheque 
  • Not understated, not overstated, and dollar amount on cheque matching written text 
  • Received after the submission of a renewal form, but not later than October 1
  • One cheque per midwife for full payment or two cheques for instalments 

For payments by instalment: 

  • Instalment amounts on cheques are exactly as indicated on chart above 
  • Both instalment cheques are received no later than October 1  
  • Second instalment cheque is dated February 1, 2023 
  • Each cheque, including second instalment cheques, not honoured by the bank are subject to a $40 NSF processing fee, in addition to the penalty fee as the renewal application may be deemed late 

Note: Your registration renewal application will not be processed until payment has been received and processed. If you are paying by cheque, please ensure that your payment is received well before October 1 to ensure your renewal is not deemed late.

Renewal Confirmation

VERY IMPORTANT: Only once you have reached the page labelled “Submitted” have you successfully submitted your online renewal application to the College.  Midwives are encouraged to save this individualized page for their records.

Annual Registration Card 

An updated annual registration card will be available through the Member Portal as soon as the College reviews and deems an application for registration renewal as completed. Notification will be sent to you by email when your renewal is marked completed. 

Receipt for Payment

A receipt for payment is available through the left-hand menu in the Member Portal. Official Income Tax Receipts will be available in the Member Portal in early 2023.