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Governance Education Modules

The Governance Education Modules (GEM) are online training modules that provide an introduction to governance as it applies to the regulation of the midwifery profession in Ontario. These modules are open to anyone (public or professional) who are interested in understanding the role of the College.

There are three modules that each have their own learning themes. The first module focuses on the legislation and regulations that provide the governance framework for regulating midwifery as a profession, the second module focuses on the College as a regulatory institution, and the last module focuses on the role of the College Council and its Committees.

The Governance Manual is provided as a learning aid to accompany the GEMs. The manual provides an overview of Governance, what it means, and what purpose it serves to regulate midwifery by the College of Midwives of Ontario. Click here to access a copy.

Members may complete the modules and use them towards their Quality Assurance Program (QAP) continuing education requirements. Members can use the completion quiz for each module as proof for QAP.

To access a module, click below. Modules are best viewed by selecting ‘start slideshow’.

Module 1: Legislation

Module 2: Health Regulatory Colleges

Module 3: Council & Committees

Once you have read through the modules you can access the completion quizzes below.

Module 1: Completion Quiz

Module 2: Completion Quiz

Module 3: Completion Quiz


We would love to hear feedback on the modules, were they useful? Did you learn anything? Is there anything that wasn’t covered that should be included? Please leave feedback in the comment box below.


Each module will work on desktop and mobile devices. If you find that the module does not automatically appear in your browser, or asks you to sign-in, try opening in a new tab, new window or private window.