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Guiding Documents

College of Midwives of Ontario Guides

A guide is a document that outlines procedures and actions related to an activity covered in the legislation or regulation and assists members with their understanding of College requirements or legal obligations imposed by other authorities.

As the College creates and updates guides, we will post them here.

Good Character Guide

Guide on Compliance with Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)

Guide to the Health Care Consent Act

Guide on Mandatory and Permissive Reporting 

Guide on Removing & Withholding Information Under s. 23 of the Code

Mediating Risk in Caring for Related Persons & Others Close to Midwives

Professional Misconduct Guide

College of Midwives of Ontario Guidelines

Guidelines are mere suggestions for best practices. They do not set a minimum standard and are, therefore, not mandatory.

As the College creates and updates guidelines, we will post them here.

Guideline on Appropriate Professional Behaviour with Clients

Guideline on Ending the Midwife-Client Relationship

Guideline on Managing Personal & Practice Health

Guideline for Midwives Using Social Media & Guideline for Midwives Using Electronic Communications

Guideline for Reporting Sexual Abuse

Position Statements

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section and Choice of Birthplace Position Statement

Jurisprudence Course Handbook

The Jurisprudence Course Handbook contains important principles that all midwives must know and is a valuable resource.

Q&As and Information Sheets

Active Practice Requirements Information

Complaints Process for Midwives

Inactive Class Information

Scope of Practice Changes – Ultrasound

Transitional Certificate of Registration Information

Guides for Clients and Members of the Public

Guide to Filing a Complaint

Guide on Funding Therapy and Counselling 

Sexual Abuse Complaints Guide