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Office of the Fairness Commissioner

The Office of the Fairness Commissioner (OFC) assesses the registration practices of certain regulated professions and trades to make sure they are transparent, objective, impartial and fair for anyone applying to practise their profession in Ontario.

More information on the OFC

The College’s OFC Submissions

The College of Midwives submits a Fair Registration Practices Report to the OFC yearly. You can review the College’s Reports and Submissions to the Office of the Fairness Commissioner below.

CMO OFC 2019 Report

CMO OFC 2018 Report

CMO OFC 2017 Report

CMO OFC 2016 Report

CMO OFC 2015 Report

CMO OFC 2014 Report

CMO OFC 2013 Report

CMO OFC 2012 Report

CMO OFC 2011 Report

CMO OFC 2010 Report

CMO OFC 2009 Report

CMO OFC 2008 Report


Entry to Practice Review OFC 2011

Registration Practices Assessment Report OFC 2016-2018