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Waiver Policy – Standards

College standards set minimum expectations that must be met by any midwife in any setting or role. Standards guide the professional knowledge, skills and judgment needed to practise midwifery safely.  You can read all of our College standards here.

In exceptional circumstances, midwives may not be able to meet certain College standards. In these rare cases, standards may be waived.

“Exceptional circumstances” is defined as conditions beyond one’s control that justify waiving College standards. A midwife applying for a waiver will need to show that the circumstances of the application are both in the public interest and are sufficiently exceptional to justify a departure from the relevant standards. It is for the applicant to demonstrate that exceptional circumstances exist.

Every application will be considered on its individual merits. In all cases an applicant must satisfy the College that the following apply:

  1. The waiver will support the public interest which the standards are designed to safeguard
  2. A public benefit will be gained by a departure from the standards, and
  3. Granting a waiver will not give rise to a risk of harm to the:
    a. clients’ interests
    b. regulatory objectives set out in section 3 (1) of the Code, and
    c. College’s regulatory outcomes

Please note that the College does not have the power to waive or permit practice outside of statutory provisions such as the midwifery scope of practice or the controlled acts authorized to midwives. Midwives can only perform acts outside of statutory provisions through delegation.

You can read the College’s Waiver Policy – Standards here. If you plan to request a waiver of standards, you can access the form here.

Submit your application only if you are confident that you will be able to demonstrate to the College that exceptional circumstances exist and that granting you a waiver is in the public interest. Processing times for the waiver are between two and three weeks.

If you have an active practice shortfall or seek an exemption from the quality assurance program requirements, you are not required to fill out this application. Please contact the College at for further information.

Waiver Policy-Standards

Waiver Form