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Results of the 2019 Council Elections

May 15, 2019

On April 1, 2019 the College sent out a notice regarding upcoming Council elections to be held in June. The notice welcomed nominations of professional members willing to serve on the College’s Council.  Three positions for professional members to serve on Council for three-year terms were open for elections, and the College received three nominations by the nomination deadline of May 1, 2019.

Since the number of nominations equals the number of open positions, the College will not be holding an election in June.  The following midwives have been acclaimed to their professional member positions on Council to serve for the 2019-2022 Council term beginning in October.

They are:

  • Lilly Martin, RM
  • Isabelle Milot, RM
  • Claudette Leduc, RM

We’d like to welcome Lilly Martin back for a third consecutive term on Council, and we’d also like to welcome back Isabelle Milot and Claudette Leduc, who are both returning after short absences to Council.

Self-regulation requires members of the profession to engage with the College and we appreciate all nominators and nominees for participating in this process. We look forward to Lilly, Isabelle, and Claudette serving on Council as professional members to help govern the profession of midwifery in the public interest, and we congratulate them on their acclamation.