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Summer On Call – March & June Council Highlights

July 17, 2020

Note: This article was originally published in our Summer 2020 edition of our On Call newsletter, and has not been updated.

Scope of Practice Guide

At the March Council meeting, the College’s Council approved a draft Scope of Practice Guide for consultation. This guide was created as part of phase 2 of the College’s standards review and after implementation of the Professional Standards for Midwives. For more information about the guide, please head to page 6. 

Proposed Designated Drugs Regulation Mandatory Course 

At the March Council meeting, Council approved the mandatory course midwives will be required to complete once the proposed Designated Drugs Regulation comes into effect. Read about this course and Council’s decision on page 7. 

New Public Members

We’d like to welcome our two newest Public members on Council, Pete Aarssen and Donald Strickland. 

Mr. Aarssen has been appointed to the Client Relations, Registration, Discipline and Fitness to Practise Committees and Mr. Strickland has been appointed to the Quality Assurance, Discipline and Fitness to Practise Committees.

They have both been appointed for one-year terms and we look forward to working with them this year. 

Strategic Planning Working Group Update

The College’s Strategic Planning Working Group held its second meeting on June 5.  Work was completed to review the outcomes, identify proposed strategic priorities, and propose additional guiding principles of the College’s next strategic plan. Three strategic themes were identified that involve supporting the effective regulation of an evolving profession, data collection and analysis, and communicating the College’s value. The College is currently meeting with targeted stakeholders to gather sector-wide insight to further inform our next steps in strategic planning development. Another update on this work will be provided after the next meeting.

Governance Policies

The Executive Committee reviewed the College’s Governance Policies and proposed updates to align with current process and practices. These policies were initially approved in 2014 and are revised regularly, and reflect the College’s approach to governance and decision-making which is based on a modified model of policy governance. 

To read about the changes to the Governance Policies, please click here.